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Badminton Rules: Getting the Perfect Serve


The very popular game using the racket is called badminton game and it has some sort of rules and regulations. The basic of the badminton game is very easy to understand and it gives more interest to play. If you want to play a perfect serve there is some crucial rules that you will have to follow in the game.

A perfect serve can assist to make sure that you do not have to end up shielding yourself when it comes time to truthfully play the game. Try not to delay when you raise your back foot while on service because it leads to failure, once your foot is raised you have to serve immediately is the first rule.

The second is positioning, in badminton both players being on the opposed diagonal surface of the court and also vital in doubles badminton, you cannot block the sight of your adversary to the server. In badminton it is necessary that the racket hit the substructure or base of the shuttle cock and also essential to make a note of that the racket shaft only be pointing down. While on service you have to keep in mind the racket only starts from the rear and continue forward.