Sports walking sticks for weight loss


In an overall effect of sports walking sticks is a good way to lose weight. This will need to follow some simple rules:

  • Increase intensity. Walk with greater speed – the best way to lose weight (if no cardiovascular system). When walking fast that you can load more muscle, burn much more calories as running and when not to overload the joints. The main thing – is to adhere to proper technique and posture, as well as to control heart rhythm. For this you can use a special monitor pulse and keep the 75% maximum.
  • Increased duration. In order to lose a few kilograms should be Sports walking every day for an hour. In the long walk is not an obstacle: the increasing number of injuries and sprains.
  • Change speed and use the principle of interval training. For example, you can add several options with clubs movement: running, jumping sticks and jumping (running with sticks and skimpily). Due to the temporary speed increase will not only increase consumption of calories, but also to strengthen the cardiovascular system.
  • Expanding trend. A simple and effective way to increase activity – walking up the hill or stairs. This allows excellent load gluten muscles and hip muscles. Steep rise strongly contraindicated in knee injuries, varicose veins and heart disease.
  • Use the extra weight. How appropriate load backpack straps with foam or special vest to move with adjustable load. Adding weight gradually, starting with one kilogram, otherwise the chances of injury or reduce speed.
  • To lose weight, you need to spend more than the rate of about 500 calories a day, but due to intensive Sports walking can spend about 200 calories per hour. Therefore, in addition to restrictions on diet program should include some strength training exercises for all muscle groups, including the press muscles. And you can take a walk on the camera and do not forget the beauty of the surrounding nature and all the unforgettable moments. And then walking with Sports poles will not only lose weight, but also give a good mood for the day!