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Sports walking sticks that are usable by all


Training abroad, including Sports pole walking is one of the best ways to lose weight and improve health. Fitness should be present in human life, but lessons in the park or forest is unique and means available not only for physical ailments, but a lot of stress associated with modern man.

Sports walking (also known as Norwegian Sports walking or standing will be a great alternative to the usual running and walking, and no disadvantages.

Sticks, similar to ski, but designed for walking, gained immense popularity in Europe several years ago. Originally at home in Finland consider Sports walking (because life can be found such thing as “walking Finnish clubs” or “foot Norwegian sticks”) is where athletes skiers developed and introduced in its system of training , this type of exercise.
Now open spaces of our country in this sport has more fans. The reasons are several: increased calories than normal foot (almost 65 percent), a load small shock (as opposed to running, but with age it is especially important) and participate in the training of almost all muscle groups (not only low, but the upper limb).

Principles of Sports walking

In general, each leg – is the safest type of gym, available to almost everyone, even older. Sports walking technique with sticks slightly different from normal walking technique that is known to almost all walkers.

Back should remain flat, and walking movements similar to the movements of the skier, arrows left foot forward with your right leg and vice versa. Foot need to reduce the first to fifth and then to toe.
In the case of recent trauma healing knee or shin for the best start to engage in a stationary bike, and then proceed to walk. Heart disease is not an absolute contraindication for Sports walking sticks, but require continuous control pulse during training. It is desirable that the heart rate does not exceed 120 beats per minute for the start of classes, and finally managed to mark “140”.

In large cities there are whole communities and clubs with fans walking sticks. There you can not only learn the proper technique, but also to find a company for long trips. To learn how to walk, you can clearly see in the video tutorial at the end.

Advantages of training:

The ability to engage in any season and in any country, not associated with fitness club schedule. Winter Sports walking sticks to help keep balance and not to slip on the ice.

Accessibility for every human being. Special clothing shoes should not have to be as convenient, but it is only once – buying the rods.
The positive effect on the whole body and the active work of almost all muscle groups during the workout.

Suitable for people of all ages and health. Sports walking benefits no doubt, but not everyone, especially the elderly can engage in running or cycling. Walking sticks will reduce stress on the joints and spine, and eliminating sharp impact on the heart and blood vessels.

How to do Sports Walking – a great way to lose weight and put yourself in shape. However slow walk twice a week will not give the desired result. Slimming need to practice regularly and intensively, including a program of abdominal exercises and follow the rules of good nutrition.

How to choose Sports walking sticks?

The main tool needed for employment are special walking stick. Choose walking sticks quite simple: when the rod is supported on the ground, punch line should be at elbow and forearm – parallel to the ground.
Equipment can be purchased at sports stores and on the Internet. The cost starts at $ 25 in the group for the simple models, the most expensive price can reach up to 200-250 dollars.

Traditionally, as the basic material for manufacturing aluminum bats, but they are suitable only for exploring the exercises. For a more intense loads better to use plastic device that contains carbon fibers. In addition, the rod should have a special handle, with which it is attached to the hand – strap. In conventional ski pole strap it is not available, and does not provide a removable tip for walking on asphalt. Well buy telescopic models that can be transformed into human-based growth.

Where the opportunity to buy special equipment is missing, you can use ordinary ski poles, but only at first. The length of sticks for Sports walking is around 68-70%, so you can pick up the ski poles on the same principle. Of course, deal with them is not very convenient, but it is good for beginners.

In properly selected columns, we have good walking shoes. Shoes should be light, with “reinforced heel ‘and ribbed soles, which will be engaged throughout the year.